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What exactly Mutually Effective Arrangement?
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From the following information, calculate i Net assets turnover, ii Fixed assets turnover, and iii Working capital turnover ratios :

investment turnover ratio

Investors should be careful while using it since some companies may artificially inflate the ATR by selling assets within the short term. The final value must be divided by two to get average total assets. Email and mobile number is mandatory and you must provide the same to your broker for updation in Exchange records. You must immediately take up the matter with Stock Broker/Exchange if you are not receiving the messages from Exchange/Depositories regularly.

Turnover ratio of the fund should not be looked at in isolation. But it does offer a peek into the investment strategy of the fund. One should look at the returns and other parameters along with turnover ratio while selecting the fund. Save taxes with Clear by investing in tax saving mutual funds online. Our experts suggest the best funds and you can get high returns by investing directly or through SIP.

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On the balance sheet, you can find the value of the inventory from the last accounting period and the current accounting period. To find the average amount of inventory, add up all the prices and divide by two. Divide the average inventory by the cost of goods sold to find the inventory turnover. As we have discussed above, these ratios show how efficiently the company is utilizing its assets for generating income. Thus you can use the above ratios for deciding whether you should invest in a particular company or not.


I’ve been dedicated to building systems that work and curating content that helps people learn. It is paramount to compare this investment turnover ratio only to companies in the same sector or industry. World-class wealth management using science, data and technology, leveraged by our experience, and human touch.

What is Inventory Turnover Ratio?

Some of them measure the turnover ratio of the total portfolio, i.e. cash, debt, equity or other assets. Others consider the turnover ratio of the equity portfolio only. The turnover ratio is calculated by dividing the minimum of stocks bought or sold by the month-end AUM. If the turnover ratio is 100% it means that the portfolio has changed completely in the past year. It also means that the average holding period of the portfolio was one year. If the turnover ratio is 200% it means that the average holding period is six months.

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The higher an asset turnover ratio, the better a company’s performance is considered to be. It is generally calculated annually for a specific financial year. “Higher turnover ratios often indicate higher churn in the portfolio compared with long-term buy-and-hold strategies. A significantly high turnover could also indicate an inconsistent process. This could affect overall returns of the fund over the long term,” said Kavitha Krishnan, senior analyst, manager research, Morningstar India. You can understand the entire functioning of the fund by looking at the PTR.

Example of Annual Turnover Ratio in Investment Context

Apart from this, you need to align your investment objectives with that of the fund. If you believe in passive investing, then active investing might seem a costly proposition. Thus, based on Portfolio Turnover Ratio and objective, select an appropriate mutual fund. Let’s quickly understand the asset turnover ratio with an example. The asset turnover ratio depicts how well a company utilise and deploys its assets for every unit of sale. Inventory and accounts receivable are two of the most important things a business owns.

If a churning in the portfolio is required, the fund manager does so to keep the returns optimised. This churning is essentially the buying and selling of the assets under management . Changes in the AUM structure are mathematically depicted by the turnover ratio.

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It compares the sales figures with the different assets for measuring how much of the assets are used for generating the number of sales. By submitting this form I authorize Fincash.com to call/SMS/email me about its products and I accept the terms of Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. I am a finance enthusiast who loves exploring the world of money through my lens.

The fixed asset turnover ratio is a ratio that depicts how well an organisation deploys its fixed assets to generate revenue. Measure company performance – The asset turnover ratio is one method used to analyse a company’s performance. And as investors constantly look for investment opportunities, a high asset turnover ratio could attract new investors. The asset turnover ratio, or the total asset turnover ratio, measures how well a company deploys its assets to generate income. In this sense, the asset turnover ratio compares the assets of a company against the revenues generated. The investors must understand all the influencing factors before investing in getting the required returns.

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The accounts receivable turnover is used to understand the speed at which a company can receive the money for its credit sales. For example, if the monthly credit sales are Rs 20,00,000 and the account receivable balance is Rs 4,00,000, the turnover rate is five. The target is to make more money, pay bills faster, and have a high turnover rate. Working capital turnover ratio is the ratio between the net revenue or turnover of a business and its working capital. For instance, if a business’s annual turnover is Rs. 20 lakh and average working capital Rs. 4 lakh, the turnover ratio is 5, i.e. (20,00,000/ 4,00,000).

India’s EV market expected to cross 1-cr sales mark per year by 2030, Economic Survey saysIt said the EV market will ​create five crore direct and indirect jobs. In December 2022, India became the third-largest automobile market, surpassing Japan and Germany in terms of sales, said the survey tabled in Parliament on Tuesday. When, on average, a new employee leaves every six months, this is called turnover. Employee turnover is used to measure the attrition rate in a company. This ratio shows how much is the amount of assets or liabilities that a company is replacing in relation to its sales. In a business, many types of assets are required that are used for generating the revenue of the business so that the business can operate.

Accounts payable is short-term debt that a company owes to its suppliers and creditors. Though accounts payable are liabilities, their trend is important as they represent an important source of finance for operating activities, thereby affecting operating efficiency. The accounts payable turnover ratio is used to see how efficiently a company is at paying its suppliers and short-term debts. In other words, the matrix shows the speed at which a company pays its suppliers. It establishes a relationship between net credit annual purchases and average accounts payables.

By comparing the PTR of two or more mutual funds, an investor can find the most suitable options. The aggressive strategy of the fund managers leads to high expense ratio; however, the high expense ratio is adjusted by a high return rate. As said earlier, the fund managers can keep purchasing and selling the stock just to meet the ideal return rate.

fund management

This concept is useful to determine the business efficiency with which it is utilizing its assets. Ratio analysis is mostly based on past or historical information and is therefore not reflective of the current state. It may not consider external factors such as economic uncertainties, and also eliminates consideration of human elements within a company.

  • It also means that the average holding period of the portfolio was one year.
  • Her previous associations were with asset management companies and investment advising firms.
  • A low turnover ratio indicates a buy-and-hold strategy, while a high ratio means that the fund manager actively churns the portfolio to profit from booking gains.
  • Investors tend to avoid investing in funds with high Portfolio Turnover Ratio due to the high expense ratio.
  • They are incorporated as financial analysis carried out by the investor to decide whether they represent a good investment or a creditworthy borrower.

The Portfolio Turnover Ratio or PTR indicates the rate at which the fund managers buy or sell portfolio holdings of a mutual fund. In other words, the portfolio turnover ratio shows the percentage change of assets in a mutual fund over one year. Therefore, PTR gives an idea about the overall fund management style.

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Conversely, a higher ratio can indicate insufficient inventory on hand, and a lower one can indicate too much inventory in stock. In investing, turnover is how much of a portfolio is sold in a given month or year. The feature allows you to borrow as and when you need funds from an approved sanction and pay interest only on the amount withdrawn. You can also prepay as and when your business has excess cash, at no extra cost, and opt to pay interest-only EMIs at the start of the tenor to reduce the monthly outgo. This ratio is mainly used in relation to investment funds that refer to the proportion of investment holdings that have been replaced in any given year. This shows that there is minimal need for invested funds and thus results in a high return on investment.

A positive capital turnover ratio means that a business is using its working capital justifiably. On the other hand, a low capital turnover ratio means that the company is investing more in inventory. It may also mean that the organisation has too many outstanding liabilities with its suppliers, which increases the risk of bad debts. Efficiency ratios are crucial for evaluating the operations of a business.

An investor can make the right investment decision by studying efficiency ratios. It also helps in understanding if a company has been performing well or not in its sector by comparing it with other industries in the same segment. Efficiency Ratios are vital for a company’s management in evaluating the operations of the business. They are incorporated as financial analysis carried out by the investor to decide whether they represent a good investment or a creditworthy borrower.

The Inventory Turnover Ratio refers to how often the inventory is converted into sales. Here is an example of Alpha Inc. we have taken in estimating and analyzing the efficiency ratio. Here is the formula used for the calculation of Accounts receivable turnover.

Also, a low PTR indicates a buy-and-hold strategy where the fund manager is confident about the security purchases. Furthermore, he holds these securities for a fixed time horizon. Therefore, the fund will have a low expense ratio owing to the low transaction costs. Sometimes, the lower ratio also could be due to the fund category. A high turnover means higher churning, which means more payments in brokerage and securities transaction tax . STT on equity share is 0.1% of the share value in case of delivery and 0.025% for intraday.

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