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How Board Room Technology Can Make Meetings More Collaborative and Productive

Board rooms are the core of the company’s decision-making. It’s where ideas about his are rejected, rethought and finally accepted. Many cups of coffee are consumed as members sit through a series of boring presentations. Modern technology in the workplace can make meetings more productive and collaborative.

The right technology for meetings can provide boards of directors with the tools they need to interact with each other and their remote audiences. These digital tools do not just increase collaboration but also ensure that all board members are actively involved and participate equally, regardless of their location or device.

A portal for boards is among the most effective tools boards can employ. Board portals have become a well-known boardroom tool since they provide an entire suite of tools to assist boards in planning meetings and collaborate during them.

Interactive whiteboards are yet another important technology for boardrooms. These innovative, interactive boards allow teams to brainstorm, develop their ideas and create exciting presentations that keep attendees active. They’re usually designed to work alongside video conferencing platforms and feature the latest in software for creating content. BenQ’s EZWrite suite is an example of a software suite that allows you to draw, write, and add information on your screen in real-time.

With the right conference room tech, your meetings can be the most productive they’ve been. To learn more about the most effective tools for your company, speak to an expert DGI consultant.

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