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How to Take Minutes at Board Meetings
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How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting

From establishing the meeting’s order to adjourning when time is up, executing the perfect board meeting requires a level of concentration that makes a significant difference. The more attendees feel their time and expertise are valued, the more involved they will be in the outcome of every meeting. Here are some simple tips for getting there.

The meeting will begin at Time

Don’t overbook your board meetings, particularly if they’re in person – you don’t want attendees to be distracted or feel that they’re wasting their time. It is also helpful to give your attendees the opportunity to look over the board packet and other materials ahead of time such as a complete board deck or a more digestible memo/Notion doc.

Follow the Agenda

A well-organized structure is the best way to ensure that the board meeting is productive. It is important to not add any new items to the agenda before the meeting, to have attendees go through the material prior to the meeting, and to set expectations for each item on the agenda based on the amount of time it must be discussed. This will help the board meet stay focused and prevent the board from drifting off.

Make sure that every item on the agenda has a clearly defined purpose – are you searching for information, getting agreement or deciding? This will allow you to keep the meeting productive, since you can concentrate on the most important issues and not get distracted. Also, dispersing the minutes of the board within 24hrs of each meeting will strengthen the decisions taken and ensure that actions are carried out promptly and effectively.

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