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Real Estate Brokers App The Top Enterprise Brokerage Solution

Jamcracker CSB Platform is a multi-tiered, multi-tenant cloud delivery and management platform that supports self-service cloud fulfillment, delegated administration, and channel enablement. The CSB model allow enterprises to unify cloud services management to speed innovation, collaborate globally, reduce operational costs, and grow the bottom line. CSBs also allow service providers to operate branded cloud marketplaces that unify cloud services delivery and help differentiate their networks as true cloud computing platforms. Technology providers can gain market share increase customer lifetime profitability, and enable new distribution channels, by offering value-added service ecosystems that help differentiate their core offerings. Jamcracker enables IT organizations to become cloud services brokerages, so you can source, govern, deliver, and manage public and private cloud services throughout your organization. It integrates with the broker’s portal, compliance systems, market data and exchange gateways & can be easily white-labelled.

This article covers the fundamentals of launching your own forex business. Offer users the ability to trade any asset in fractions to empower users’ affordability. Ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support and training, without the hassle. With our training and support services, we increase agent productivity and education https://xcritical.com/ by delivering both in-person and virtual training that will inspire, motivate and generate long-term drive. Empower your agents to sell more efficiently, market and broadcast more listings, and access expert guidance with easy-to-use tooling. Unlock deep industry expertise and insight from experienced brokers.

For more information on sublicensing as part of the solution, contact our consultant

Save your agents precious time by importing photos and property data directly from your local MLS. Manage the required liquidity across all markets by one simple solution. HomeStack’s backend app analytics is the secret weapon to closing more deals.

brokerage solution

Mark certain traders based on their performance to assign them to a different widget. Elaborate account and trade statistics (incl. max/average profit and loss, best and worst trades, and more). Negative Balance Protection plugin automatically detects accounts with below-zero balance and performs a balance operation to return the balance to zero.

Virtually unlimited number of trading instruments

SP Risk Services LLC may make changes or improvements to the website at any time. Information received via the website should not be the sole basis for risk management decisions. Consult a licensed insurance agent for information and advice specific to your situation. With Social Trading by Brokeree, users may monitor elaborate statistics and copy trading signals from registered providers with several modes and filters. Multi-server support allows brokers to create intra-brokerage signal-sharing systems on multiple MetaTrader platforms. Bloomberg’s end-to-end trading solutions give you the technology and access required to realize the potential of your trading workflows and experience.

brokerage solution

Create reports for a specific period, accounts and symbols with numerous filters. Filter processed accounts to include or exclude specific accounts/groups. Swaps can be aggregated and processed as a balance transaction with a custom comment or as a part of position.

MT4/MT5 Extended Agent Commissions

We will help organize your freight ship process in an efficient manner that prevents errors and reduces times and costs. We will help you coordinate movement of your products through customs, storage, transportation, and distribution. The combined model forex solutions is made possible by the trading multiplier system, where each trading account on the platform can be assigned a trading multiplier. The value of this multiplier determines the percentage of the requested trading volume that goes to the external market.

  • Reverse the direction of a trade for an accurate representation of the company’s books.
  • Settling transactions in 4 to 5 seconds, processing at a throughput of up to 1,500 transactions per second.
  • The access to the back-end systems is protected by multifactor authentication and secured communication channels.
  • Things like customs clearance, standardized processing across multiple modes, assistance with global regulatory compliance, document imaging, Electronic Data Interchange solutions, export filing and more.
  • Was born back in 2010 and was designed to expand the opportunities of the platform where FXOpen customers managed their trading.
  • Context Broker enables the integration of data from multiple systems and supports organisations to display and understand their data.
  • All processed actions are recorded in MT4 journal, providing administrators with detailed information for further analysis.

Settling transactions in 4 to 5 seconds, processing at a throughput of up to 1,500 transactions per second. Tokenize different asset classes such as Stock, ETFs, Shares, and Real Estate on XRP ledger networks. We’ve been in the transportation and logistics business for a long time, helping companies of all shapes and sizes grow and prosper. KING TERRY helps with legal issues and takes care of all the liquidity and technology aspects of your business.


Any claims made pursuant to any policy are adjusted by the issuing insurance company. Insured is responsible for accuracy of information provided to SP Risk Services and its insurance companies. The information included in or available through the website may include inaccuracies or typographical errors.

brokerage solution

Maximize agent productivity by streamlining the showing process using industry-leading software. The CEF Context Broker enables organisations to manage and share data in real-time. In this white paper, we’ll break down technology requirements for fractional trading and explain how it provides brokers with a dramatic competitive differentiator. Starting a forex brokerage firm can be a lucrative venture, but thorough research is crucial.

Improve Agent Productivity

He wanted to provide the best possible tools for his agents in a single integrated solution. He deployed TotalBrokerage and is saving 3 hours per transaction immediately. He was also able to implement compliance and checklists easily for his agents. The solution has a configurable routing system that allows brokers to either hedge client trades at a liquidity provider or process trades in-house at the current price of the LP based on predetermined attributes. Liquidity Bridge also has an inbuilt web-based control panel and user interface that lets you manage configurations and monitor order processing with ease. EXANTE offers more than 10,000 stocks, ETFs, currencies, metals in addition to an extensive portfolio of futures and options.


Bryan and his team are my primary resource for insight during volatile markets. We will help you plan and report on your freight ship process for your company, ensuring you stay compliant with all codes and regulations, and have robust contingency plans for any changes in foreign trade. The access to the back-end systems is protected by multifactor authentication and secured communication channels. Client data is backed up off-site to the cloud storage to avoid information loss, but ensure accessibility on a daily basis. Multi-channel notification system provides 24/7 performance and availability monitoring of any vital components. In addition to the common market, limit and stop type orders, your clients will have access to hidden and stop limit orders, with multiple Time in Force options.

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